Portable Application for Chess Analysis written in Qt -­ pacaq

Pacaq is a chess game visualizing and analysis tool with Qt based GUI. It can load Portable Game Notation (PGN) files and then show and animate recorded games move by move. Pacaq handles any recursive annotation variations recorded in the game file.

Pacaq was designed to work on Nokia Internet Tablet with Qt libraries installed from the Maemo Qt4 port. To install the programm into the Nokia Internet Tablet running IT OS 2008 select the armel package from the Download page and it'll be installed by the Application Manager.

Also the Linux desktop version and source tarball are available from the SourceForge download page.

The Windows executable will be available soon.

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Press "Open" button to load a PGN-file. Once you have loaded the chess game, use "Next move" and "Move backwards" buttons for navigation through the game. Press "Playback" button to start/stop animation. Once a game variant is encountered, use "Next/Prev variant" buttons to view the variants, press "Main branch" button to go back to the main game variant. You can rotate the board by 180 degrees anytime by pressing the "Inverse view" button.

On the Maemo device the following keyboard shortcuts can be used:

Maemo keyAction
FullscreenToggles fullscreen mode
Zoom InNext move
Zoom outPrevious move
SelectStart/Stop animation

On the Maemo device with hardware keyboard (N810) the following additional shortcuts are available:

EnterNext move
BackspacePrevious move
VNext variant